Post 40th Reunion Survey

We want feedback from all that attended and from those that could not attend.  We will soon be starting to plan the 45th and your help with what we did right and what we didn't do so hot wouild be a great help.  Don';t worry we all have thick Skin, we know we can't please all of you all of the time, but we would like to try to consider everyone's opinion to make the 45th even better. 

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1)   * Did you attend the 40th Reunion?

Yes No
2)   If you did not attend the 40th Reunion please tell us why not. We would like to generally know things like: * Was it a value decision - thought the price was too high? * Did you have a family, business or personal conflict on the date? * Did you find the distance/cost was too far of high to travel? * Anything else especially if the Committee could have planned better that would have helped yo

3)   O.K. for those that attended here are a few quick answers to provide: Price

4)   Venue Selection

  Perfect location would love to have the same thing for 45th
  Not a bad location, a bit warm, but in all a nice place
  Was disappointed with the Venue - comment
  Would have prefered a location that had more to do around it (like a hotel down town)
  Was disappointed it was not held outside
5)   Was the number of events right?

  Thought the 4 organized events provided good options
  Wish we would have added a picnic on Sunday
  Options were good, but thought Misty Isles was too small
  School Tour was good, but should have had more groups to hear better
  I would have liked to Golf but Friday was not a good day - give better day
  I have another idea - here it is!
6)   Time of Year

  Perfect time of year - do the 45th the same weekend after July4th
  Too many people traveling in summer better time would be
  Like to have 45th in fall 2017 and make one event LNE Home Coming Football Game
  Like to have 45th in Fall of 18 so can go to Nebr Football Game
  Like 45th in the Spring of 2018 and go to a LNE Basketball Game
  Don't care for attending a game, but would like to suggest
7)   How was the food

  Food was great - had plenty and it was very good
  Food was OK - good enough to fill me but nothing special
  I was disappointed with the quality or quantity of what was provided
  I would have preferred a sit down meal served at the table
  I would have preferred a typical 2 ro 3 meat buffet line
  I liked the food station idea, but with better food even if it cost more
8)   The food station idea was to stimulate conversation and so there were not have enough chairs for everyone to sit. We want to know if that was a good idea or not?

Yes No
9)   How did you like the DJ?

  Was a nice touch, enjoyed what he played
  Couldn't really hear the music wanted it louder
  It was too loud, I couldn't visit
  Didn't come for the DJ or Dancing - save the money next time
  The PA was weak in the back of the room and we could not hear
10)   Did you like the Photo Booth?

Yes No