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02/05/12 11:24 AM #1    


Bill Haeffner

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01/25/13 07:19 PM #2    


Kathy White (Dickey)

I was at the Class of 72 reunion and the nametags were great.  I definitely think that's a necessity.  Also, I was just looking at the "missing classmates" list and was wondering how up-to-date that is.  I saw several people's names that I know are still in Lincoln . . . don't necessarily have e-mail addresses for them, but they shouldn't be too hard to locate.

07/14/13 09:09 PM #3    


Marc Nagele

I'd suggest we just go ahead and select a date for the 45th reunion.  5 years in advance should give people plenty of time to plan around it.  We had good attendance at the 40th using the 2nd weekend of July.  That would be Friday July 13 and Saturday July 14, 2018.  If we decide that we are too superstitious for Friday the 13th just move it up or back a week.

12/02/16 05:47 PM #4    


Terry W. Kotschwar

Films of the 1972 Football season are missing.  They were taken, not destroyed, which means that they still survive.  I have researched for the location of the films for years and have had no luck obtaining them.  I have went to the other schools that we played during that year and those films are also missing which leaves me to conclude that someone felt it was their right to have those films.

You are wrong. Those films are the historical record of the Lincoln Northeast Rockets Class of 1973, season 1972, City/Trans-Nebraska Conference/State title for 1972.  They are to be shared with not only the Class of 1973, but for all students who went to Lincoln Northeast.

I have photo copies of all the empty fim containers which housed the 16mm film and have talked to the Athletic Directors of all the other schools.  I have also tried to contact Bob Els for his knowledge of the films and the response I got were that the films were cut up for training purposes.  If that is true, then where are those fiilms?

I was also told that the VHS tapes were just thrown away, which isn't true because everything we recorded was on 16mm film.  VHS tapes weren't around at that time.

I am trying to create a book of sorts that cronicles the Championship Season of the 1972 Lincoln Northeast Rockets.  This is hard to do because you need to refresh your memories with the actual film documemtation that was taken during the games.

I have newspaper accounts of what took place but we all know that reporters only focused on the shinny events and left out all the rest of the happenings.  Offensive stats were important, but the defensive stats were almost non-existent.  There are a lot of missing pieces for this journal and I need help from not only the players, but the class of 1973 as well to fill in the gaps and keep the facts in goood order.

Please contribute to my journal and help me find the missing pieces so I can finally finish this long battle to put the season on paper for future classmates to enjoy.

I can be reached at:


Thank you,  

Terry W. Kotschwar

Class of 1973

02/20/19 03:12 PM #5    


David Ware

I would like to attend the monthly get together on the 27th  if someone would be willing to give me a ride please let me know.

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