Reunion MTG Notes








Fifth Meeting

     The 5th meeting of the 45th Reunion Committee was Saturday August 26th at Coop’s Corner (formerly, Randy’s Chill & Grille). In attendance were; Richard Green, Rhonda Upton, Carla Green, , Suzie Kaiser, Mark Bach, Shirlene Davis and Kurt Bauer. Unable to attend were; Randy Landstrom, Bill Haeffner and Terry Kotschwar.

     The committee decided to recognize some of the accomplishments that were achieved by our class to coincide with our 45th Reunion. We want to invite all alumni from the Class of ’73 to attend the upcoming Northeast Home-Coming Football game (Thursday, Sept. 7th). The committee has decided to organize a recognition of our Class of 73’s State Football Championship 45 years ago this Fall. Committee member and former player, Terry Kotschwar is in the process of locating and inviting his fellow teammates to attend and be recognized during the game.

     An important part of that State Championship was the total support of the ROCKET NATION; Pep Club, Cheerleaders, Band members and the entire student body were all part of Northeast’s “LAST” State Football Championship. That’s right! Our senior class was the last time the Rockets won State in Football.

     Also discussed was the planning of activities for our alumni to participate in during our Reunion weekend. Here are some possibilities:

• Reserving Tee Times for those who would like to golf with old friends.

• A guided tour of Northeast High and group picture in front of the New Rocket on display by the main entrance. If you missed out on the tour 4 years ago, you’ll be amazed to see the changes to the school and the New Rocket out front.

• A tour of the Pinnacle Bank Arena. (If no events are scheduled and available that weekend)

• A Coffee and Donut, Brunch, Sunday, June 24th @ Bethany Park inside the enclosed shelter. Tentative time 10 am – 12:30 pm

     The Committee is also planning activities for the Reunion’s Saturday night event at Holmes Golf Course. Our goal is for everyone to participate and have fun. We want you to enjoy yourself during the Reunion weekend.

     Once again, if you have any suggestions or comments, Please, email: This is YOUR Reunion and opinions matter! No set date has been scheduled for the next meeting but we’ll keep everyone informed.